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How much advance notice do you need in order to book a wedding?

With enough notice I work hard to insure your chances are good that you will be able to reserve your date even if you are giving short notice. Some large weddings are booked over a year in advance so if you have your heart set on a particular date, it's best to book ASAP. Just remember that I cannot hold your date and time without a $100 deposit. If you are seeking full ceremony, I suggest booking well in advance so that I can get to know you better. Civil Ceremonies and Elopements can often be booked on the same day.

How long is the ceremony?

A Full Ceremony can range from 15-30 minutes, depending on the number of components added. You can get a lot of creativity and innovation into a 20 to 25 minute ceremony. A simple ceremony may only last 10-15. Once we decide on your ceremony, I can give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of time.

What will you wear?

I wear a full suit with a tie and a stole, as seen in my profile picture. If you do not wish me to wear a suit or stole, then I will wear appropriate, subdued wedding attire or anything else your creativity can imagine.

I want to meet you in person. Where do we meet?

I meet with most clients in my home office. Couples may also choose to meet at a public location close to my home office. If that is an inconvenience, I'm happy to arrange a phone or Skype meeting.

How much does it cost?

I am committed to serving couples of ALL budget levels. My prices range from $100 (simple no travel ceremonies) to $400 (pull-out-all-the-stops full ceremonies). For complete information see Pricing.

I can quote you a price once I know your circumstances: Travel fees to location of wedding, if you want me to facilitate your rehearsal, simple script or other scripts or script rewrites and use of sound equipment.

Do you charge travel fees?

Travel fees are based upon an average of $25 per ½ hour of travel one way to your venue. Example: A wedding 1/2 hour away from Barrie Ontario is an additional $25 or if a rehearsal is desired requiring a second trip, $50.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can make your deposit or full payment on this website through Paypal. I also accept electronic transfers through INTERACT. Either payment option can be done through my email address barriespiritual@live.com. You may also pay me in person by cash or check.

Can I write my own wedding vows?

Absolutely. Vows are a deeply personal thing. For any ceremony level, feel free to use traditional vows or your own. I will use the vows you will repeat after me as shown in the wedding script you choose as you prefer. Also couples reading "Personal Vows" prepared especially for each other adds a wonderful touch to your ceremony.

How do I obtain a Marriage License?

You can apply for a Marriage License no more than three months prior to your wedding date. The marriage license is valid anywhere in Ontario for three months from the date of purchase. A Marriage License can be obtained from the clerk of most cities.
Either or both of the persons being married must apply in person to the Marriage License Issuer to obtain a license. They will need to bring identification, such as a birth certificate (along with any change of name certificates), current passport, Record of Immigrant Landing or Canadian citizenship card, along with photo identification, for both persons.
There is a set fee for purchasing a Marriage License. Contact your municipal office for the current fee.

What if I have been divorced?

If one or both members of the couple are divorced, documentation relating to each divorce will be required. If you live and were divorced in Canada, you must bring the original or court certified copy of the final decree, final judgment or certificate of divorce to your local municipal office when you are purchasing the marriage license.

If you live or were divorced outside of Canada, you may be required to submit documents to the provincial government several weeks prior to applying for a license. Contact your local municipal office for further information or check the Ontario Government Website for additional requirements on Getting Married in Ontario after a divorce.

Do I need witnesses?

Two witnesses are required in Ontario. They must both be over 18 years of age. Canadian citizenship is not required. Addresses are required for each signing witness.
If you're having a no-guests wedding ceremony, we may be able to provide one witness for a $25 fee.

Do you stay for the reception?

This is the couple's personal decision. If I am available I will be happy to join you. There is no expectation by me placed upon the couple that I will attend your wedding meal or reception. However, sometimes the couple will extend an invitation to attend the reception or dinner and extend good wishes. If desired, I will be happy to deliver the blessing of the meal free of charge.

Do you have a location in which you perform ceremonies?

At my home/office I do have a small venue for weddings under 12 people (bride and groom, two witnesses and up to 8 additional guests). I will be happy to marry you anywhere --at a park, your home or any other place of your choosing like a resort of covention hall..

What are your qualifications to perform weddings?

I have a Certificate of Registration under the Provisions of the Marriage Act that states I am licensed and authorized to perform (solemnize) marriages in the Province of Ontario. Because I embrace a diversity of beliefs, this allows me to perform a wide variety of ceremonies--from the very secular to the very religious (interfaith and nondenominational). I will never add any words to a ceremony that conflict with a couple's stated values.

David Shepard Love is my stage name I use for all my public appearances, such as being a pastor, my books I have published and public speaking engagements. I use this name in honour of my real biological father, John Love, who I learn of when I turned 50. I am licensed as a wedding officiant in Ontario under David Norman Christy, Municipality: Barrie. https://www.ontario.ca/data/registered-religious-officials This is my legal name and the one I use for all legal business including all wedding licenses and processing.

Will you perform ceremonies for lgbt couples?

Absolutely! Couples from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities are always welcome. As the father of a 28 year old gay son I understand love is not about sexual preference. I find joy in bringing couples together who love one another regardless of sexual identity.

What is the processes for the marriage license and obtaining a certified copy?

When possible, a few days or weeks before the ceremony the marriage license should be dropped off at my home office so I can have all the paperwork in order before the ceremony. If there is a rehearsal then this is a great time also to pass along your wedding license to me. At the ceremony all the legal signatures will be collected. You will receive your portion of the license for your permanent official record. Within one business day of the ceremony I will mail the license to the Ontario Office of the Registrar General. The Clerk will then certify the document and record the marriage. In the height of wedding season it may take up to ten weeks to be recorded, however often it is just a few weeks. You must request (and pay for) a certified copy of the license. Early prepayment is recomended then the Registar General will mail it directly to you the moment it is processed. You will be given a form to do this when you apply for the license. I recommend you file for your certificate via the Internet to GREATLY expedite the process at www.ontario.ca/government/marriage-certificate. If you have not received your ordered marriage certificate within the time expected, please call toll-free at 1-800-461-2156. You can also check the status of your application at www.orgforms.gov.on.ca/status.



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