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Here you can connect with all the information you need to make your wedding day a beautiful and memorable occassion. Hiring a wedding officiant is a personal decision based on finding someone is a right fit for your personality and preferences.

It is my joy to work hard to make your wedding ceremony wonderful just the way you want it.

Here are many different wedding ceremonies available to suit your specific desires and wishes. Choose one your liking and feel free to add or subtract, trade of modify any way you would like. We Celebrate with Ceremonies for the Ones You Love at Weddings Barrie.

choosing your ceremony

In choosing a small or large ceremony there are a number of factors that come into play. As an wedding officiant I am happy to plan your wedding to help the ceremony flow perfectly. Small "Short & Sweet" ceremonies can have different scripts to choose from and we can add a few nice touches. Large "Pull Out All the Stops" weddings can have as many or as little custom elements as you would like. It is my joy to ensure what ever wedding ceremony you choose, Short & Sweet or Pull Out All the Stops, that your preference is key to a wonderfully planned wedding. All weddings are special celebrating the union and commitment of your love.

Wedding scripts

Reasons you may choose a full ceremony:
1. It is your first wedding and you want it to be a complete ceremony.
2. You are planning to hire one or all of the following vendors for the ceremony: DJ, Florist, Photographer or a wedding consultant/planner.
3. You are planning to invite many guests and family.
4. You are planning a reception.
5. You enjoy the tradition of a large wedding.


Legal wedding before your destination wedding

Destination weddings are becoming more popular each year. Many are combining the wedding ceremony with the honeymoon and have memories that last a lifetime. I recommend you have a legal ceremony with a wedding officiant such as myself before the destination ceremony. The ceremony can be small and private and nobody needs to know who attends the spectacular wedding you have planned at an exotic location.

A legal Ontario wedding will insure all your paperwork is in order and your ceremonial large wedding will be stress free.

You have the perfect location... what requirements and legalities are required to marry in your destination? It is best to know all the ins and outs of what you are getting into. A wedding consultant can help. The last thing you’d want to figure out too late is that you needed to be in your destination for a month before you could marry! Sometimes the ceremony will be in other languages. Getting legally married in another country may pose many delays in the processing of your registering a marriage in Ontario. Not all destination wedding vendors are reputable. Do some extensive research and ask the location you are staying at. Make sure you have all the required forms and documents BEFORE you get to your destination. I am happy to help you get legally married in Ontario and then you can truly enjoy your destination wedding celebration..


Small impromptu weddings can often be performed right away.
Reasons you may choose a simple ceremony:
1. You have limited finances or venue size.
2. You are going to have a destination wedding and need a legal Ontario wedding beforehand.
3. You have been married before and want to keep this time short and sweet.
4. You or your fiance are immigrating to Canada and need a legal wedding to simplify the process.
5. You prefer a quite more intimate wedding celebration.


reserve your date

Small impromptu weddings can often be performed right away. Larger weddings require much more planning and scheduling. During off season times you may be able to schedule a large wedding on a Saturday afternoon without much advanced notice. However, when the warm days of Spring, Summer and Fall arrive the booking of an officiant can be hard to do on a Saturday afternoon. These time slots are in high demand and are best booked many months in advance. I work hard to make your choice of wedding day available. Sometimes I have performed two or even three weddings in a single day when they are spaced a few hours apart. To get those prime Summer Saturday weddings at the most popular time of about 4:00 pm it is best to make your reservations as soon as possible. A deposit will insure you are written into my schedule. Please use the contact form or call 705-722-0455 to see if your time and date is available. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

After Confirming Your Date is Available
You Can Reserve Your Time and Date with a $150 Deposit

Deposits can also be made by Cash, Check or E-Transfer

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Great Wedding Celebrations and Ceremonies for the Ones You Love

Drawing upon over three decades off experience I can offer you many recommendations, allowing you to custom tailor any part of the ceremony. Together we can make your special day just right for you and your fiance'. It will be an awesome day to remember for every one who attends.